Dolittle Documentation

Video Walkthrough

Welcome to the video walkthrough! In this guide, you will develop a ToDo app built on a Dolittle back end, and connect an Aurelia front end. The lesson consists of three parts.

  • 1. Getting up and running
  • 2. Creating the back end
  • 3. Creating the front end

1 - Getting started

The first thing you need is to install the CLI tool. It is possible to use the Visual Studio Extension too, but the videos are using the CLI tool, so if you are just getting started with Dolittle, we recommend following the same steps as in this lesson.

To get everything up and running, follow the setup, and verify that everything works on your computer.

2 - Creating the Back End

Source code for this section available here

The Dolittle framework is based on a modern software architecture that leverages CQRS and Event Sourcing. These may be new or daunting principles. However, don’t worry, Dolittle does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the Business Value. Dolittle will also help you learn more about this approach to building sustainable software solutions.

Once you have completed the ToDo app, and are ready to learn more about Dolittle’s overall architecture, philosophy and specific concepts, we recommend you to check out the Architecture lesson, and the official documentation.

In the video below, Tomas from Dolittle takes you through all the steps needed to develop the backend for the ToDo application. Also, he briefly explains many of the concepts and core building blocks used while developing an app on Dolittle.

3 - Creating the Front End

Source code for this section available here

In the previous step, you created the backend for the ToDO app and had a brief look at the artifacts used to make frontend integrations with the Dolittle backend easier.

In this lesson, Pavneet takes you through all the steps needed to connect a frontend on top of a Dolittle backend. The front-end application is from the popular TodoMVC open-source project for the Aurelia.js framework.

The video shows you how that frontend looks, and works, before diving into the code changes needed to hook this into our backend.


Congratulations! You’ve now created your first application on Dolittle, from the backend to the frontend, with a modern and robust architecture that makes it easy to maintain and scale your applications. As a next step, take a look at the Architecture lesson, and dive into the various building blocks the framework offers.