Dolittle CLI

The Dolittle CLI tool command reference

This section helps you learn about how to use the Dolittle CLI tool. If you’re new to the CLI, jump down to the how to install section to get started.

Command overview

Syntax Description
dolittle runtime aggregates list List all running Aggregate Roots Details
dolittle runtime aggregates get Get details about a running Aggregate Root Details
dolittle runtime aggregates events Get committed events for an Aggregate Root Instance Details
dolittle runtime eventhandlers list List all running Event Handlers Details
dolittle runtime eventhandlers get Get details about a running Event Handler Details
dolittle runtime eventhandlers replay Replay events for a running Event Handler Details
dolittle runtime eventtypes list List all registered Event Types Details
dolittle runtime projections list List all running Projections Details
dolittle runtime projections get Get details about a running Projection Details
dolittle runtime projections replay Replay a running Projection Details

How to install

There are two ways to install the Dolittle CLI tool, directly as a binary or using the dotnet tool command if you’re using .NET.

Installing as a .NET tool

To install the tool globally on your machine, run:

dotnet tool install --global Dolittle.Runtime.CLI

This should make the dolittle command anywhere. You might have to modify your PATH environment variable to make it work, and the .NET installer should guide you in how to do this. If it doesn’t, you can have a look at the dotnet tool install documentation for more help.

Installing as a binary

To install the tool manually, head over to the Runtime latest release page on GitHub, expand the “Assets” section at the bottom of the release, and download the binary for your setup. Next you’ll have to place this file somewhere in your PATH to make it available as a command, on a *nix-like system, /usr/local/bin is usually a nice place, in the process of moving it we also recommend that you rename it to just dolittle. Lastly you will need to make the file executable by running chomd a+x /usr/local/bin/dolittle and you should be all set.



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