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What is Dolittle?

Dolittle is a Decentralized, Distributed, Event-Driven, Microservice Platform built to harness the power of Events

End-to-End Platform

The more data and digital business you generate, the harder it is to capture real-time context. Dolittle is an End-to-End platform for building and managing Event-Driven Microservices Applications.

Event Driven

Our approach to system/application design is based using business events - meaning anything that happens that provides value to your business, like a notification or state change. We make it easy to use this advanced architectural pattern by taking care of the streaming, storing and transfer of events between the services you make. You just make the business logic.


Microservices are at the core of Dolittle. Decouple your system into individually scalable deployments easily.

Dolittle enables companies to build and run microservice based solutions that react in real-time whenever meaningful changes occur with a guaranteed uptime

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