The Vision

Learn about the Dolittle vision

Code of conduct

Learn about what is expected from you on conduct

How to Contribute

Learn about how to contribute

Core values

Learn about what we at Dolittle believe in

Core principles

Learn about the core principles of Dolittle

Development principles

Learn about the development principles of Dolittle


Learn about some of the patterns we apply in Dolittle


Learn about how Dolittle sees conventions

Domain Driven Design

Learn about Domain Driven Design and how it fits with Dolittle


Learn about how Doolittle’s naming conventions


Learn about how Dolittle is versioned

Definition of done

Learn about what we at Dolittle defines as our definition of done

Pull requests

Learn about what we’re looking for with regards to pull requests

Just enough software

Learn about how we think about delivering just enough software


Learn about how Dolittles and the repository structures

Editor config

Learn about how your editor should be configured


Learn about how you should use logging in your code

Working Locally

Learn about working locally with Dolittle projects


Learn about how to submit issues

Runtime exceptions

Learn about how to work with runtime exceptions in code

C# coding styles

Learn about how to write C# in Dolittle

C# Specifications

Learn about how to write C# specifications

Copyright header

Learn about the requirements of copyright headers in code files