Structure overview

Understand the structure of dolittle documentation

Structure internally

Documentation lives in our Documentation repository’s Source folder. The 2 main pieces of this folder are content and repositories:

  • Source/repositories contain submodules to Dolittle repositories. We are moving away from this, please don’t add new submodules.

  • Source/content is the folder that Hugo uses to render, making it the root of the pages. It contains documentation and symlinks to each Source/repositories submodules Documentation folder.

Defining folder hierarchy on

To add structure (sub-folders) to the content folder and make these visible, Hugo expects an inside the subfolders. The files acts as a landing page for the subfolder and should contain a Front Matter section. This defines the title, description, keywords & relative weighting in its parent tree.

title: Page Title
description: A short description of the pages contents
keywords: comma, separated, keywords, to, help, searching
author: authorname
weight: 2