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Reference documentation

I’m the overview of the reference folder. I’ll appear when you click on the “References”

1 - Runtime

Reference documentation for the Runtime configuration

I’m the overview of the reference folder. I’ll appear when you click on the “References”

1.1 - Compatibility

Runtime compatibility table
Contracts Runtime .NET SDK  JavaScript SDK
5.3.0 5.6.0 8.4.0 >= 14.3.0
5.3.0 6.0.* 9.* 15.*
5.4.0 >= 6.1.0 >= 9.1.* >= 15.*

1.2 - Configuration

Runtime configuration files reference

The Runtime uses JSON configuration files. The files are mounted to the .dolittle/ folder inside the Docker image.

Configuration file Required
tenants.json ✔️
resources.json ✔️
event-horizon-consents.json ✔️


Required. Defines each Tenant in the Runtime.

    <tenant-id>: {}


Required. Configurations for the Event Store per Tenant.

    <tenant-id>: {
        "eventStore": {
            "servers": [
                <MongoDB connection URI>
            "database": <MongoDB database name>,
            // defaults to 1000. MongoDB max connection amount
            "maxConnectionPoolSize": 1000


Required. Defines the Consents a Producer tenant gives to Consumers so that they can receive events over the Event Horizon.

    // The producer tenant that gives the consent
    <tenant-id>: [
            // the consumers microservice and tenant to give consent to
            "microservice": <microservice-id>,
            "tenant": <tenant-id>,
            // the producers public stream and partition to give consent to
            "stream": <stream-id>,
            "partition": <partition-id>,
            // an identifier for this consent 
            "consent": <consent-id>


Defines where the Producer microservices are so that the Consumer can Subscribe to them.

    // the id of the producer microservice
    <microservice-id>: {
        // producer microservices Runtime host and public port
        "host": <host>,
        "port": <port>


Defines the private and public ports for the Runtime.

    "public": {
        // default 50052
        "port": <port>
    "private": {
        // default 50053
        "port": <port>


The port to expose the Prometheus Runtimes metrics server on.

    // default 9700
    "Port": <port>

1.3 - Failures

The known failures and their associated codes

Event Store

Code Failure
b6fcb5dd-a32b-435b-8bf4-ed96e846d460  Event Store Unavailable
d08a30b0-56ab-43dc-8fe6-490320514d2f Event Applied By Other Aggregate Root
b2acc526-ba3a-490e-9f15-9453c6f13b46 Event Applied To Other Event Source
ad55fca7-476a-4f68-9411-1a3b087ab843 Event Store Persistance Error
6f0e6cab-c7e5-402e-a502-e095f9545297 Event Store Consistency Error
eb508238-87ff-4519-a743-03be5196a83d Event Store Sequence Is Out Of Order
45a811d9-bdf7-4ee1-b9bc-3f248e761799 Event Cannot Be Null
eb51284e-c7b4-4966-8da4-64a862f07560 Aggregate Root Version Out Of Order
f25cccfb-3ae1-4969-bee6-906370ffbc2d Aggregate Root Concurrency Conflict
ef3f1a42-9bc3-4d98-aa2a-942db7c56ac1 No Events To Commit


Code Failure
d6060ba0-39bd-4815-8b0e-6b43b5f87bc5 No Filter Registration Received
2cdb6143-4f3d-49cb-bd58-68fd1376dab1 Cannot Register Filter Or Non Writeable Stream
f0480899-8aed-4191-b339-5121f4d9f2e2 Failed To Register Filter

Event Handlers

Code Failure
209a79c7-824c-4988-928b-0dd517746ca0 No Event Handler Registration Received
45b4c918-37a5-405c-9865-d032869b1d24 Cannot Register Event Handler Or Non Writeable Stream
dbfdfa15-e727-49f6-bed8-7a787954a4c6 Failed To Register Event Handler

Event Horizon

Code Failure
9b74482a-8eaa-47ab-ac1c-53d704e4e77d Missing Microservice Configuration
a1b791cf-b704-4eb8-9877-de918c36b948 Did Not Receive Subscription Response
2ed211ce-7f9b-4a9f-ae9d-973bfe8aaf2b Subscription Cancelled
be1ba4e6-81e3-49c4-bec2-6c7e262bfb77 Missing Consent
3f88dfb6-93d6-40d3-9d28-8be149f9e02d Missing Subscription Arguments