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The package system is essentially what makes the tooling built upon the Tooling Platform extensible.

In essence, boilerplates and plugins are just node packages, they can be local packages or packages on a node package registry like npmjs. The boilerplates and plugins that are installed on your system is what defines the functionalities of the tooling you’re using.

The package system provides utilities for working with boilerplate and plugin packages.


Boilerplates and plugins needs to state which versions of the tooling that it supports. This is a part of the package definition.

The Tooling Platform will only download and use packages that are compatible with itself.


The package system exposes functionality to download the latest compatible packages online from npmjs. For now we only support to download packages through the ‘npm’ command. All packages will be downloaded globally using the -g option. Read more here on how they are stored.

A package can be manually downloaded by doing

$ npm i -g package-to-install