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Adding pipeline

Start by adding a file called azure-pipelines.yml at the root of the repository you want to use.

- master

    - repository: templates
      type: github
      name: dolittle-tools/Build
      endpoint: dolittle-tools

- template: Source/DotNet/framework.yml@templates

As you can see, the file refer to a job template. You’ll find the different available templates in the repository.


It is possible to cascade to a pipeline for another project. This feature is basically to make versioning for things like NuGet to work properly and guarantee that the correct versions are being used when one project is dependent on the other. This might not be important to you, but for some of the Dolittle projects, this is vital - as we rely on wildcard for minor and patch in versioning and trust our own commitment to versioning.

You simply add a parameter called CASCADESto the job, this can hold one or more projects to cascade to - space separated. The format is [GitHub Organization]/[Repository].

- template: Source/DotNet/framework.yml@templates
    CASCADES: dolittle-runtime/DotNET.SDK