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Below are the Dolittle specific rules that we are enforcing. Rules can be disabled either through custom rulesets or using the -nowarn compiler option or using the NoWarn property in your .csproj file.

Example of NoWarn property:



Id Title
DL0001 SerializableNotAllowed
DL0002 PrivateNotAllowed
DL0003 SealedNotAllowed
DL0004 ExceptionShouldNotBeSuffixed
DL0005 ExceptionShouldOnlyHaveOneConstructor
DL0006 ExceptionConstructorParametersShouldNotContainMessage
DL0007 ExceptionDescriptionShouldFollowStandard
DL0008 ExceptionShouldBeSpecific

Due to some rules in the standard analyzers from Microsoft being marked as hidden and as a consequence is not possible to enable during build, we’ve created wrappers for the following.

Id Title
CS8019 RemoveUnnecessaryImports