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.NET Common

The .NET Common packages represent common utilities and configuration for as building packages, releasing packages in a consistent way. It also includes a pre-configured system for static code analysis, with all the rules that we at Dolittle consider important. These rules can be overridden.

In addition to the automatic configuration of static code analysis, it also holds custom built code analysis rules.

Getting Started

In your project all you need is to add a PackageReference to the package. The dotnet tool-chain will during build include any .props or .targets files found in the package by convention. From the .props file you’ll get a lot of default configuration set up, and since this is used by Dolittle itself, it will put in package information saying it is a Dolittle package and all the details Dolittle wants to have there. This can be overridden if you’re only interested in parts of the configuration.

You add the reference by doing the following from your terminal:

$ dotnet add package Dolittle.Common

Or manually add the following to your .csproj - obviously for good measure, you should just add the <PackageReference> inside an existing <ItemGroup> with package references.

    <PackageReference Include="Dolittle.Common" Version="2.*"/>

By using a wildcard for minor in the version of the packages, you’re guaranteed to have the latest of the package.