Dolittle Documentation


Here in Dolittle, one of our greatest visions is to enable developers to become highly productive while building products that are scalable and easy to maintain. We want the process of building software to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. In order for us to give the developers using our platform an enjoyable experience when building software on Dolittle we’ll provide a set of tools that will increase productivity and automatically generate vital information of the Application, Bounded Context and Artifacts for the platform.

Currently we are only supporting a small set of programming languages for our tools, but the idea is that we want to have tools for every language that we have SDKs for. And for the tools that are related to the Web interaction layer we want to add support for more languages and frameworks (Typescript, Vue, React, Aurelia, …).


Languages we currently support

Note that these are the languages that we currently are supporting on our platform and will eventually have tools for. The tools will be extended to support more languages when new SDKs for other programming languages are developed.
  • Core (Backend)

    • C#
  • Frontend

    • Javascript 201x