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Dynamic Metrics

Sometimes you don’t know ahead of time what metrics you will be exposing. Instead of using the provider model, you can simply take a dependency to the IMetricFactory and create collectors on the fly.

The underlying metric system will reuse the collector based on the name and matching labels and will therefor not impact memory consumption.

Below is an example of how a tenant specific counter could be created and used:

using Dolittle.Runtime.Metrics;

public class MySystemThatDoesSomething
    readonly IMetricFactory _metricFactory;
    readonly IExecutionContextManager _executionContextManager;

    public MySystemThatDoesSomething(
        IMetricFactory metricFactory,
        IExecutionContextManager executionContextManager)
        _metricFactory = metricFactory;
        _executionContextManager = executionContextManager;

    public void DoSomething()
        var counter = _metricFactory.Counter("MyCounter", "This is my counter", "tenant");