Dolittle Documentation

Simplest thing that could possibly work

This section describes how you can get started with the Dolittle WebAssembly support, cleanest possible way. If you’re looking for a finished end to end sample with everything set up, you can go here. Also, look the the other getting started guide for a more end to end guide.

.NET Core

At the root of it sits .NET Core. All our support is built around this with both the code for it to run and the tooling around it. So to get started you’ll need to do create a classlib representing the starting point. Create a folder for your client e.g. Client.

$ dotnet new classlib

The Mono SDK for WebAssembly has been packaged into a single NuGet package, called Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Core. This is a heavy package with everything needed for Monos WebAssembly support inside it.

Dolittle has a specific build pipeline that we need to get the expected WebAssembly output. After creating the classlib, Add the following dependencies to your .csproj file:

    <PackageReference Include="Dolittle.Build.MSBuild" Version="3.*"/>
    <PackageReference Include="Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Build" Version="3.*"/>
    <PackageReference Include="Dolittle.Interaction.WebAssembly.Core" Version="3.*"/> 


The next thing we need is a class holding the entrypoint of the application. Add a C# file called Program.cs and make it look like the following:

using System;

namespace Client
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("Hello from WebAssembly");

Build & Run

Doing a dotnet build will now generate a publish folder with all that is necessary to run. We then need an HTML file to start it all. Add a file called index.html to the publish folder.



    <script src="mono-config.js"></script>
    <script src="mono.js" async></script>
        window.Module = {};

        window.Module.onRuntimeInitialized = function() {
                function() {
                    BINDING.call_static_method("[Client] Client.Program:Main", []);


In order to run it, we need to have a web server that runs it all. This can basically be anything, for instance http-serve or similar.

Run the web server from the publish folder and navigate to the URL the WebServer set up. Open the developer tools of the browser and navigate to the console, you should be seeing something like the following: Hello from WebAssembly.