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These are the variables you can override in your application.

Variable Value / Type Description Default value
$navigation-view-bg-color CSS color HEX/RGB/RGBA/COLOR The background color for the navigation view. lighten($color-gray-darkest, 5%)
$navigation-view-top-push-height Numeric The space between viewport top and navigation-view top. 0
$navigation-view-height Numeric The height of the Navigation View 3rem
$navigation-view-width-compact Numeric The width when in left-compact mode 3rem
$navigation-view-width-expanded Numeric The width when expanded in left-compact or left-minimal mode 20rem
$navigation-view-width-expanded-sm Numeric The width when expanded on small screens in left-compact or left-minimal mode 80vw
$navigation-view-transition-time decimal seconds The time the navigation view spends on animation. 0.3s
$navigation-view-expand-trigger-width Numeric The width of the axpand-trigger (Hamburger icon) 2rem

Step 1 - Configure Webpack

Make sure you have added an alias to DolittleStyles in your webpack config file. This is essential to make your component look for the settings file from your application, not only the settings file from Styles

const path = require('path');

process.env.DOLITTLE_WEBPACK_ROOT = path.resolve('.');
process.env.DOLITTLE_WEBPACK_OUT = path.resolve('./dist');
process.env.DOLITTLE_FEATURES_DIR = path.resolve('./Features');
process.env.DOLITTLE_COMPONENT_DIR = path.resolve('./Components');

const config = require('@dolittle/build.aurelia/webpack.config.js');

module.exports = () => {
    const obj = config.apply(null, arguments);


    obj.resolve.alias = {
        DolittleStyles: path.resolve(__dirname, './styles') // Add Alias to Webconfig
    return obj;

Step 2 - Custom Overrides

Add a scss file where you can put your overrides.

E.g Styles/Settings/NavigationView.scss

NavigationView.scss in file tree

NavigationView.scss in file tree

Step 3 - Including Overrides

You need an all.scss in settings, and you should add your overrides there as well. Make sure that you import the original settings from Styles in this file as well. Then the component will get it all.

NavigationView.scss in file tree