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TextField is a component that renders an intput field with the type of text. You can provide different options as described below. The field will be given an unique id.

Example of how the component is rendered when all options are provided.

All Inclusive

<text-field label="All inclusive" value="Value" placeholder="Placeholder text" description="Description text" is-disabled="true" is-required="Required" reuired-text="Field is required" error-message="The input provided is invalid"></text-field>
<div class="text-field invalid">
    <label for="input-b87940db">All inclusive <span class="required">*</span></label>
    <div class="input-footprint">
      <input type="text" name="input-b87940db" id="input-b87940db" placeholder="Placeholder text" disabled="" required="">
      <i class="delete-cross" click.delegate="clearValue()">
        <svg width="10" height="10" viewBox="0 0 10 10" fill="none" xmlns="">
          <path d="M9.57617 0.951172L5.5332 5L9.57617 9.04883L9.04883 9.57617L5 5.5332L0.951172 9.57617L0.423828 9.04883L4.4668 5L0.423828 0.951172L0.951172 0.423828L5 4.4668L9.04883 0.423828L9.57617 0.951172Z" fill="black" fill-opacity="0.8"></path>
    <small class="description-text">Description text</small>
    <small class="error-text">The input provided is invalid</small>

You can override styling with your own styling in your app, or you can set your own values to a set of SCSS variables. More information on styling with SCSS vaiables.


Property Type Description Default value
label String The label indicator for the text field.
value String The default value when initiating the text field.
placeholder String The text that goes in the placeholder attribute for the text field.
description String The text that goes in the placeholder attribute for the text field.
isDisabled Boolean Decides if the field should be disabled or not false
isRequired Boolean Decides if the field should be required or not false
required-text string Text that indicates that the field is required *
errorMessage String The error message that shows if validation fails false


Above all text fields there should be alabel that describes the purpose/content for what input goes in the text field.

Is to be set in an labelattribute from the consumer application.

<text-field label="Standard"></text-field>


Or if bound to an object:

<text-field label.bind="command.propertyInputName"></text-field>


The value is the input value of the text field. This will typically be bound to a command input.

<text-field label="Standard" value.bind="command.propertyInputValue"></text-field>

text-field with focus


The placeholder is text that is displayed in the text field as if it was value, but a bit faded color compared to the input value. It dissapears when the field gets focus and reappear when it loses focus if there is no value.

<text-field label="Placeholder" placeholder="This is a placeholder"></text-field>



Can be set to give a short description of expectation to the input or other small hints.

<text-field label="Description text" description="Describe expected input"></text-field>



Sets the input field to be disabled.

<text-field is-disabled="true" label="Disabled" placeholder="This cannot be focused"></text-field>



Sets the input field as required. It will be indicated with a red asterix at the label and bolder text in placeholder.

<text-field is-required="true" label="Required" placeholder="This field is required"></text-field>



Is set default to *. Can be overridden to desired text.

<text-field label="Required" required-text="This field is required" is-required="true"></text-field>

Required text


Error message is typically populated from the commandResult from the app using this component.

When errorMessage is populated, the field will appear invaøid by setting the border color to red and show the red error message below the input field.

Error message