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Command bar button

The CommandBarButton is made for being used as a button in the CommandBar control.

Code example

<command-bar-button clicked.bind="thisCommand" label="Command label" icon-url="/assets/icons/icon.svg"></command-bar-button>


<a class="command-bar-button" click.delegate="handleClick(uniqueIdentifier)" title="Command label">
  <figure class="icon">
    <img src.bind="iconUrl" alt="command icon" src="/assets/icons/book.svg" />
  <span class="label">Ham</span>
Property Type Description Default value
label String Sets the label of the command, string.empty
iconUrl String Sets the url to for the icon. string.empty
clicked Function Provide a function for the command to be run when clicked. null
By now, there is no way to add a callback command to the button yet. There’s a task for this feature, and will be implemented later.