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Acrylic card

A basic card element with Acrylic bacground. There is no named parts or slot in this component, and it supports all HTML content you put in.

Code Example

  <h1>Insert your content</h1>
  <p>Supports your desired content</p>


Property Type Description Default value
width Numeric Decides if the card is expanded or not. 0


You are able to set your own default width on this component by overriding the width variable as explained here.

Sometimes you need a card that is of another width than the default. Then you are able to set a width for that particulary card.

<acrylic-card width="50"></acrylic-card>
The width property renders in rem units. Please provide your width value in rem
If you know what width you need in pixles, divide it by 16, then you have your width in rem.