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Add a query


Add a Query

Within Read/TodoItem/ create a file called AllAvailableLists.cs with the following content:

using System;
using System.Linq;
using Dolittle.Queries;
using Dolittle.ReadModels;

namespace Read.TodoItem
    public class AllAvailableLists : IQueryFor<AvailableLists>
        readonly IReadModelRepositoryFor<AvailableLists> _repositoryForAvailableLists;

        public AllAvailableLists(IReadModelRepositoryFor<AvailableLists> repositoryForAvailableLists)
            _repositoryForAvailableLists = repositoryForAvailableLists;

        // Todo:
        public IQueryable<AvailableLists> Query => _repositoryForAvailableLists.Query;

In the next part of the tutorial you learn how to create the Aurelia front-end.