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Dolittle is an open-source, decentralized, distributed, event-driven microservice framework that helps you create Line-of-Business applications.

The framework is a collection of C# packages and Aurelia front-end bindings that make it easy create event-driven web applications using CQRS pattern.

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Dolittle is based on Event Drive Architecture(EDA). This means that the softwared currents state is derived from sequential, incremental changes (events) that have happened within the application.


At the heart of Dolittle sits the notion of decoupling. Making it possible to take a system and break it into small focused lego pieces that can be assembled together in any way one wants to. This is at the core of what is referred to as Microservices. The ability to break up the software into smaller more digestable components that makes our software in fact much easier to understand and maintain. When writing software in a decoupled manner, one gets the opportunity of composing it back together however one sees fit. You could compose it back in one application running inside a single process, or you could spread it across a cluster. It really is a deployment choice once the software is giving you this freedom. When it is broken up you get the benefit of scaling each individual piece on its own, rather than scaling the monolith equally across a number of machines. This gives a higher density, better resource utilization and ultimately better cost control.

Command Query Responsibility Segregation

Most systems has different requirements for the read and the write part of each bounded context. The requirements vary on what is needed to be written in relation to what is being read and used. The performance characteristics are also for the most part different. Most line-of-business applications tend to read a lot more than they write. CQRS talks about totally segregating the read from the write and treat them uniquely. One finds event sourcing often associated with CQRS, something that Dolittle has embraced and helps bridge the two sides and stay completely decoupled. It is an optional part of Dolittle but hightly recommended together with an event store.

Simple CQRS Diagram