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Exposing service type

A service type is the definition of an entrypoint that expose multiple services on it. You can think of it as the thing that is exposing a TCP socket on a specific port. Every service type can have multiple gRPC services that gets bound. The purpose of this is to provide the ability to separate different concerns. For instance if your system has the need to expose a way for clients to interact with your system and at the same time you want to expose a management API. These two types of services are not the same, they are not secured in the same way and covers different concerns.

Service Type Representation

To represent a service type, all you need to do is implement an interface that does just that; IRepresentServiceType:

using Dolittle.Services;

public class MyServiceTypeRepresentation : IRepresentServiceType
    public ServiceType Identifier => "My Service Type";

    public Type BindingInterface => typeof(ICanBindMyServiceTypeServices);

    public HostConfiguration Configuration => new HostConfiguration(50100); // TCP Port
The instantiation of the discovered service type representation is done through the IoC container, which means you can take dependencies to other things - such as configuration that is sourced from a file or other places

The BindingInterface property points to a type that represents the definition of a contract that can bind services for your service type. This is a type that will be used in a discovery and you can have multiple of these. This provides you a good way to keep your providers of services for different purposes within the same service type separate and also provides you with an extensibility point.