Learn about how Dolittle is versioned


Dolittle adheres to the Semantic Versioning v2 versioning scheme.

This gives the following : <major>.<minor>.<patch>.


Patches are improvements, bug fixes and similar and is to be considered backwards compatible. This maps to the following changelog labels: Fixed, Security


Minor contains new features / functionality and is to be considered backwards compatible. This maps to the following changelog labels: Added, Deprecated


Major is a breaking change - not to be considered backwards compatible. This maps to the following changelog labels: Changed, Removed


Pre-releases are considered an edge case and deviates the normal versioning strategy. Dolittle as a general principle does not apply this in general releases as a strategy, but might take advantage of for special cases.


Dolittle adheres to the guidance in the Keep a change log site.

Types of changes / labels

Label  Description  Backwards compatible
Added For new features *
Changed  For changes in existing functionality -
Deprecated For soon to be removed features *
Removed For now removed features -
 Fixed For any bug fixed  *
Security  In case of vulnerabilities  *


Some package managers, like NuGet has a strategy of resolving to the lowest possible version it can. This means that when you have an application consuming a dependency that has a dependency to something that gets a patch, the application does not necessarily gain the benefit of this patch.


+- Application
   +--- First level dependency
      +--- Second level dependency

When patching the second level, the first level also needs to be updated and the application itself needs to chose a wildcard dependency for either minor or patch to be able to get the patch. Dolittle recommends using a wildcard on minor and you can safely rely on the semantics of the versioning to be accurate.

Source Control

All repositories have a master branch which holds the current released software at any point in time. The branch gets tagged with the appropriate version based on each merged pull request coming in. This means that every pull request that gets merged will have a unique version number associated with it.


Issues are to be associated with every pull request (read more here). This information is used to create the changelog and versioning. Labeling of these issues is therefor vital.

Change Log Label  Issue Label Comment
Added - Implicit if not having any other type label on the issue
Changed breaking change  -
Deprecated deprecation -
Removed removal -
 Fixed bug  -
Security  security  -


Dolittle is working on automating this and actually deducting the changes from the code from its public APIs. This will in time make this less error-prone.

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