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Core values

At Dolittle we believe that good software stems from a set of core values. These values guides us towards our core principles and also manifested in our development principles that translates it into guidelines we use for our development. This page describes these core values to help put ourselves into the pit of success.


We value privacy at all levels. Core to everything we do is rooted in this. This means we will always strive towards making the right technology choice that lets the owner of data have full control over where it is stored and the ownership is always very clear. These things should always be at the back every developers mind when making choices. It is easy to forget that even a little log statement could violate this.

Empowering developers

The Dolittle mission is to empower developers to create great, sustainable, maintainable software so that they can make their users feel like heroes. This is part of our DNA - representing how we think and how we approach every aspect of our product development. Our products range from libraries to frameworks to tooling, and every step of the way we try to make it as easy as possible for the developer consuming our technology.

Delivering business value

When empowering developers, this is because we want to make it easier to create great technical solutions without having to implement all the nitty and gritty details of doing so; so that our end-users - the developers we are building for, can focus on delivering the business value for their businesses. For Dolittle the developer using our technology is our end-users and represent our business value. Our promise in this is that we will build relevant technology and not technology for the technology sake. Obviously, this is balanced with innovation and we will try out things, but close the feedback loop as tight as possible so that we try things out and iterate on it to see if things are delivering business value.

User focused

At the end of the day, whatever we are building and at any level - we build things that affect an end user. There is always a person at the end of everything being done. This is critical to remember. We build software to help people build software that are more relevant and improves the lives of the actual end user using the software.

With this in hand, we work hard to understand the persona; who are we building for and what is the effect of building something.