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Managing Sub Folders & Repositories

The content folder is the base for all the content that is created for the documentation solution. The actual contents are added to Documentation/Source/repositories/ using submodules, then added to the content folder using symlinks.


Defining folder hierarchy

To add structure (sub-folders) to the content folder and make these visible, hugo expects an available with a front-matter section that defines the title, description, keywords & relative weighting in its parent tree.

Note! Only use lower cased folder names.

title: Page Title
description: A short description of the pages contents
keywords: comma, separated, keywords, to, help, searching
author: authorname
weight: 2

Content from other repositories

When linking to a repository for the first time, make sure the Documentation folder exists, otherwise the symlink will fail, and the solution won’t pick up any documentation changes from that repository. Redeploy when the folder exists.

To link to documentation from another repository, add that repository to the documentation repo as a submodule. The repository should have a folder named Documentation at its root with its documentation written in markdown.

Then add a symlink from the content folder to the Documentation folder in the repository.

Read how to handle submodules and symlinks here

|---getting started [linked to home/Documentation]
        |---guidelines [linked to learning/Documentation]