Dolittle Documentation

Structure overview

Structure internally

All documentation is inside Dolittles Documentation repositorys Source folder. The 2 main pieces of this folder are content and repositories:

  • Source/repositories contain submodules to Dolittle repositories.

  • Source/content is the folder that Hugo uses to render, making it the root of the pages. It contains symlinks to each Source/repositories submodules Documentation folder where the real content is.

Example of how dolittle-fundamentals is structured within the Documentation repository:

example of the internal structure

Defining folder hierarchy on

To add structure (sub-folders) to the content folder and make these visible, Hugo expects an inside the subfolders. The files acts as a landing page for the subfolder and should contain a Front Matter section. This defines the title, description, keywords & relative weighting in its parent tree.

title: Page Title
description: A short description of the pages contents
keywords: comma, separated, keywords, to, help, searching
author: authorname
weight: 2
--- files within subfolders should only contain the Front Matter and nothing else. This makes the subfolder links on the sidebar work as only dropdowns without linking to the content of the We prefer this as it makes for a more smooth experience on the site.
You should only have an file for the uppermost landing page of like Getting started, Contributing etc.
Only create subfolders if you have more than 1 file to be put inside. Aim for a flat structure.